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Handheld CO2 & O2 Analyser

Key Features
  • IP65 Rating
  • Operating temperature: -5 to + 50ºC
  • Dimensions: L: 127 x D: 44 x W: 90mm
  • Weight: 355g
  • Range CO2: 0.01 to 5%
  • Range O2: 0.1 to 25%
Detailed Overview


Designed specially with diesel-powered military submarines in mind, this compact, robust O2 and CO2 monitor is also ideally suited to commercial manned submersible environmental monitoring. Providing continual displays of the O2 and CO2 content in the enclosed space of a submersible with adjustable alarms and data logging, what more could you need?


Relatively small increases in the levels of CO2 can be harmful and can have health effects which could impair the pilot’s judgement during critical manoeuvres. Maintaining safe O2 levels is also vital for working safely under water. The Sub Aspida provides a quick response so that immediate action can be taken.


The Sub Aspida is commonly used in a submersible, clipped onto the operator panel but can just as easily be worn on the belt by an operator.


Key features

  • Dual alarm
  • Man down alarm
  • Safeguarding life beneath the sea
  • Sub Aspida
  • Data logging
  • Time weighted average (TWA)
  • Dual battery flexibility
  • Vibration & 95DB alarm
Technical Specification


Sensor range:



0.01 to 5%   


0.1 to 25%





- + 2% of full scale between 0.01 and 2.5% CO2*
  - + 3% of full scale between 2.5% and 5% CO2*
O2 - + 3% of full scale between 0.1 and 25% O2*


Operating temperature: -5 to + 50ºC
IP rating: IP65
EMC: 2004/108/EC
Operating time:

12 hours from a fully charged set of batteries or

2AA batteries

Response time:






Visual alarms:

1 x green - OK

1 x amber - Fault

3 x red - Alarm

Audible alarm:

95 db @ 30 cm
Mandown/Panic alarm: 110db @ 30 cm
Dimensions: L: 127 x D: 44 x W: 90mm
Weight: Dual: 355g