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Hyperlite Mod.1 Development published in Ocean News & Technology Article

Feb 18 2011

Hyperlite Mod.1 Development published in Ocean News & Technology Article

Product information on the Hyperlite Mod.1 is included on Ocean News & Technology January/February 2011 Edition in the Support Equipment section. .

Defence Interaction Intelligence Agency article on the capabilities of SOS Hyperlite re-published after popular demand

Jan 20 2011

Defence Interaction Intelligence Agency article on the capabilities of SOS Hyperlite re-published after popular demand

SOS Hyperlite is delighted to anounce that after popular demand, the Defence Interaction Intelligence Agency have decided to re-publish their article on the various capabilities of the SOS Hyperlite, particularly in a Bomb/Blast Injury Scenario. The article can be viewed at http://www.defense-interaction-intelligence-agency.org/NCISArticle2.html. The DIIA is a Non-Profit making information service & think tank promoting positive roles of armed forces & linked services with global communities.


Second diver in a week treated for Decompression Sickness in Les Escoumins, Canada

Sep 10 2010

On 26th August 2010, a second treatment took place for a diver suffering from Decompression Sickness in the Les Escoumins region, also making a full recovery. An article about this will soon follow. For more immediate information, please contact Mr Josh Boisvert on Jocelyn_Boisvert@ssss.gouv.qc.ca

Press Release - SOS Hyperlite saves the Life of a diver in Les Escoumins, Canada

Aug 26 2010

A Scuba diver who suffered decompression sickness after a rapid ascent received urgent, local treatment in a SOS Hyperlite Hyperbaric Stretcher, making a full recovery. The Hyperlite, which is stationed at the Health Centre of the Haute-Côte-Nord, Québec Province, was purchased for the rapid response to diving accidents and incidences of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. The diver benefitted from having local treatment with the minimum of delay.

In a brief interview with the Journal de Québec, Dr Guillaume Lord, the local hyperbaric physician made the following comments:

"Sunday was the first time in Canada that we have used a portable hyperbaric chamber in a hospital. The incident followed an uncontrolled ascent from the deep. The Diver received exactly the same treatment as he would have received at the Hôtel-Dieu de Lévis Hospital in Quebec (the nearest alternative hyperbaric facility some 300km away). The portable chamber saves us time, whilst also averting the need to take the patient over high ground, which would aggravate the decompression problem further."

The Hyperlite at Les Escoumins was purchased in 2008 through fund raising activities primarily for the benefit of the diving community.

Mr. Jocelyn Boisvert, ex-Canadian Navy clearance Diver and Co-ordinator of Centre de Médecine de Plongée du Québec gave the following statement: -

"We treated a diver this weekend in the Hyperlite (TT6) for 5 hours and everything went as per the planned protocol. The diver was released without any residual symptoms. The quick response to treat the diver was a key factor in the result. Our Doctor was on the phone with the technician and was able to coordinate the treatment from his office here in Lévis Québec."

Used primarily for the treatment of pressure related injuries for military, commercial and sports diving accidents, as well as in battlefield medicine and aeromedical evacuation. the SOS Hyperlite's unique portable design makes it ideal for quick deployment and as first response medical aid.

For further information about Hyperlite Hyperbaric Stretchers, please contact Paul Selby on +44 (0) 845 263 8155 or alternatively email paul@hyperlite.co.uk.


SOS Hyperlite attend SMERWG in Amsterdam

May 19 2010

SOS Hyperlite will be attending the SMERWG in Amsterdam later this week, where they will be exhibiting to Navy delegations from all over the globe. The new Hyperlite Mod.1 is expected to receive considerable interest from the submarine escape community, where the system can be set up on a vessel of opportunity and immediate HBOT can be administered to distressed submariners returning to the surface.

SOS Hyperlite Mod.1 receives Health Canada Approval

Feb 02 2010

SOS Hyperlite Mod.1 receives Health Canada Approval

SOS Hyperlite are delighted to announce that the Hyperlite Mod.1 has now received Health Canada Approval. The system is now accepted as a medical device and approved for use in Canada.

Presentation at SEE Panel Meeting brings strong interest.

Feb 01 2010

The Hyperlite Mod.1 was on display and presented at the Submarine Escape Equipment Panel Meeting in Gosport, UK earlier this week. Reaction to the Presentation was good and many NATO representatives recognised the great benefits of a portable hyperbaric chamber on scene to treat submariners returning to the surface.


Hyperlite Mod.1 Exhibited at Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

Dec 01 2009

Hyperlite Mod.1 Exhibited at Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

Our new model, The Hyperlite Mod.1 was on full display to the yachting community at the 2009 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. Alongside other diving equipment at the Lauderdale Dive booth, the Hyperlite received strong interest from several parties. Thanks must be given to the Lauderdale Dive Team and Blue Foot Diving for providing us with space to present the Mod 1 system, at one of, if not the, busiest booth at the entire event.

SOS Hyperlite Ltd announce distribution deal with Perry Life Support Systems.

Apr 08 2009

SOS Hyperlite Ltd is very pleased to announce the appointment of Perry Life Support Systems as Sole Distributors of the SOS Hyperlite Range of Hyperbaric Stretchers and Treatment Systems for the Civilian Market in North, Central and South America. Perry will be exhibiting the Hyperlite for the first time at the FDIC at the Indianapolis Convention Centre from the 22nd -24th April this year.

New ASME PVHO-1 Case 12 Approved.

Mar 01 2009

The Board of Pressure Technology Codes & Standards endorse the Case for the Use of Non-metallic Braid Reinforced Membrane Vessels under PVHO-1.

SOS Hyperlite Introduce NEW Hyperbaric Stretcher.

Feb 20 2009

SOS Hyperlite Limited are very proud to introduce a very significant upgrade to the SOS Hyperlite hyperbaric stretcher. Originally designed some twenty years ago using what was then innovative technology, the new design is considerably lighter, stronger, packs away into one large case instead of two and will make the setting up and subsequent dismantling and repacking, a much easier task.

Lloyd's Register sign off Prototype Test Program for the upgraded SOS Hyperlite.

Feb 18 2009

The tests met the full requirements of ASME PVHO-1 and Case 12 also fulfilling the US Navy Test Requirements for the continued use of the EEHS by the US military.

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