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International Representation

With over 25 years experience supplying medical solutions to an international customer base, we understand the challenges SME's face when searching for the right partners to represent your company to an international market. We have an established international network of clients worldwide within the Military, Commercial and Leisure sectors.

World Map

Active Markets include: Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Kuwait, Netherlands, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Somalia, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam


A unique partnership 

SOS uses a partnership approach to achieve successful results incorporating the following key factors: -

The Winning Formula

Since inception in 1987, SOS has developed, nurtured and refined an approach to successful business in over 30 countries. We communicate closely with the OEM and the end user to provide solutions that advance medical diagnostics and treatment capabilities.

Worldwide Partners

Our team is highly experienced in contract negotiations, legal agreements and securing new business across 5 continents.

Continuous Education Approach

We believe that knowledge is power. We take the time to learn your products, to train our staff and provide our partners with the tools they need for an effective presentation. We provide our team with regular refresher courses, deliver email and social media updates to our local partners and customer base. We ensure your products are fresh in the minds of potential customers.

Looking after your best interests (and your equipment!)

As an UK based OEM, we understand the challenges of promoting high value equipment abroad. We take responsibility for the transportation, promotion and demonstration of your equipment.


Why work with us?

  1. Code of Ethics - UK Principles to an International Marketplace.
  2. Network - Established long-term relationships with key government & military sectors.
  3. Local & Trusted Partners - successful track record generating new business and introducing innovative technologies.
  4. No language barriers - Sales, Marketing & Promotion in local dialects.
  5. Continuous Education - Long term strategy to understand, educate and ongoing promotion.
  6. Extensive Contact Database - Providing Regular Newsletters, updates and triggers to customer base and local press
  7. Continuous Feedback - We look after the day-to-day, you control key decision making.