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About Us

Who We Are

SOS Group are a dedicated team of professionals whose focus is on solutions for survival. We achieve this by developing and integrating advanced techologies to provide solutions suitable for worlds most remote locations. We supply our solutions to government and military, commercial offshore, scientific exploration and yachting and sports diving industries in over 30 countries worldwide.

Formerly known as SOS Hyperlite Limited, we are the original developers and remain the sole manufacturers of the Hyperlite 1 portable hyperbaric chamber, a folding portable pressure vessel for human occupancy (PVHO), suitable for treating and when required, the transportation of that person, whilst still under pressure, to a medical facility.

Our team has over 70 years combined experience in manufacturing and supply of advanced medical solutions and we continue to develop and improve existing systems in order to provide the most effective and economical solutions for our esteemed customer base. Our personnel stand on the main Standards Committee for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) / Pressure Vessel for Human Occupancy (PVHO), the Sub-Committee on Design & Piping Systems, Diving Systems and General Requirements Committee.

Our Heritage

Our origins can be traced back to 1950's when S.O.S. Diving Equipment Limited was established to supply the UK market with depth gauges. In 1986, S.O.S. began research to develop the use of flexible structures to create hyperbaric chambers.The first flexible hyperbaric chamber was launched in 1987 and over the next few years research and development continued. In 1991 Hyperlite received the Silk Cut Award for Technical Innovation & Design Achievement. The organisation grew steadily over the next few years as the organisation sought to secure its position as an industry leading hyperbaric system manufacturer.

In 1993, Hyperlite systems received approval from American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy Case 6 (ASME PVHO 6).

In 1997, the Hyperlite portable non-metallic hyperbaric chamber was named as the US Navy preferred unit during a US Foreign Comparative Test Study, confirming Hyperlite as the market leader for the US Military.

The company continued to move forward and in 2000 received a much coveted Millennium Products Award from the UK Design Council. Further approvals were awarded in 2003, with full US DoD Certification and in 2006, Hyperlite was certified to : ISO 13485: 2003, CE Mark and Health Canada medical approval.

In 2008, improvements to the SOS Hyperlite portable hyperbaric chamber were undertaken with the focus on increasing portability and durability whilst reducing weight. A new lightweight tube, which integrated braiding technology was developed that was more robust, cost effective, 1/3 lighter and had 1/2 the stored volume. Due to the advanced technologies leveraged in the new  Hyperlite system, ASME PVHO developed Case 12. SOS Hyperlite remains the only system with this approval.

Since 2009, we have continued to make improvements to our existing range and look into new integration of our technologies within hyperbaric markets.

SOS Hyperlite maintains the world leading position of flexible Hyperbaric Chambers retaining its impeccable reputation within the hyperbaric and medical device industry.

About Hyperlite 1 System

The system provides hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) to the patient wearing an 'on demand' breathing mask or hood. A portable hyperbaric chamber at the site of an accident, disaster or other emergency, enables a casualty requiring HBOT to be treated immediately, ensuring the likelihood of early and complete resolution.

Designed and built for quick deployment, this award winning first response equipment is the only non-metallic chamber ever to have met the arduous requirements of the US National Standard - ASME PVHO-1. The very light unit relies on advanced flexible composite technology to give it such phenomenal strength.

The Hyperlite 1 is quick to assemble - and easy to use. It may be used at a remote incident site, during transportation to, or in the comfort of a hospital, where full medical support is available.

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What is HBOT?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is non-invasive treatment of a patient breathing 100% oxygen whilst pressurised at above atmospheric pressure (>1ata) in a chamber.

Although one of the primary uses of HBO is for the treatment of decompression sickness, the bends and air embolism, it is also the treatment of choice for smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning. Other approved conditions include gas gangrene, acute ischemia, crush injuries, soft tissue infections, exceptional blood loss anaemia and thermal burns.

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